Anglers from all over the world come to the mighty river Ebro in search of the famous Wels catfish. Not surprising as these river monsters put up a terrific fight and give some of the best sport possible in freshwater.
The world record for the Wels stands at over 250lb, and was caught from the Ebro at the catting mecca known as Mequinenza – approximately 1 hour upstream of Ebro Mad Cats. We are located in an untapped and wild section of the river, with 8 private and idyllic swims. The fishing here is fantastic and some days anglers can have multiple hits of big fish. Muscle–straining takes with the line streaming out and 150lb of cat testing you and the gear – doesn’t get much better.
This stretch of the river has the dam at Riba Roja about 5 miles upstream and another dam about the same distance downstream at Flix. We know there are plenty of big catfish and carp in the area and these are wild river fish that will give fantastic sport. During the 2011 season the record catch from the bank was 192lb for this stretch of the river – tantalisingly close to that 200lber. Will YOU be the one to catch that two-tonner?