James Walford and Andrew Durnford have just finished a week on the bank with our resident guide Ditch, and even though the Ebro is still running fast and high with the winter floods, by upping sticks and moving swims a number of times they managed to net all of their target species during their stay, with four new PB’s to top it off!
First fish was a small cat, caught by Drew within a few hours of sorting the rods on the first evening, but the following morning he was in again with a colossal 174lb’er on the carp rods – well played that man!  Next is was James turn, with, wait for it, the same catfish which Andrew had caught just 6 hours earlier – this one certainly likes its pellet!  The lads fished on in that swim without any action, so the following morning a move was made to try and track down a few carp. It turned out to be a blank in that swim, so off they went again (via basecamp for a quick freshen up) in search of some Ebro commons.  Third swim lucky and and fish to upper 20s were banked over the course of the next few nights, along with some specimen roach which were constantly being hit by cats in front of us! A quick trip to basecamp to fetch the boat and the lads were off on another adventure with the lure rods. After a couple of bite-less hours fishing this gorgeous zander was James’ prize for his perseverance. All in all, a session which could easily have proved quite turned into one to remember for all the right reasons.  Well played Andrew and James