The first anglers who came to Ebro Mad Cats to test fish our waters were none other than that angling superstar Jack Brown, and Nash Tackle’s Richard Ballard. The lads came out in April, which turned out to be a great move as the cats were just waking up from their winter slumber and were certainly looking for food! The lads had a superb two week trip; for the first half they fished solely for the catfish – and just look at the stamp of fish they caught. Over the course of the first 7 nights they banked cats of 145lb, 139lb (mandarin catfish), 120lb, 116lb, 101lb, 99lb, 92lb, 90lb, 89lb, 65lb, 62lb, 50lb, 40lb, a 30lb’er and a 20lb’er! Phew… arm aching stuff! Then for the second week they decided to have a go for the carp – which turned out to be not such a great move as the carp just did not want to play ball. Eventually though the lads got the fish eating their baits, and ended up banking a string of stunning dark Ebro commons of 31lb 2oz, 30lb, 24lb 6oz, 20lb 10oz and 16lb 8oz. Good work Ballard and Brown – but you still have to come back out when the fish are really feeding heavily to see if you can hack the pace? 😉