Choose your holiday…….

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, employing the services of our resident guide ‘Ditch’ will really give you a head start on the river. With over 13 years experience on the Ebro, he knows where the fish are likely to be and can ensure that you are fishing the most productive areas. Advice is always on hand for all guests at Mad Cats, but if you want to have the very best chance of catching then why not choose a guided fishing experience?

Hire our guide for the day and optimise you chances of catching a big ‘un.

100 euros a day for guided bank fishing with halibut pellet, bait not included (based on 2 anglers),

200 euros a day from the boat including bait (max. 2 anglers)

For anglers with experience of the Ebro and its inhabitants, or big river fishing in general, you might like to choose a DIY fishing adventure. As part of your holiday we will set you up with all the necessary equipment, talk tactics and help get you started. However, if you have never fished a big European river before then we suggest you employ the services of our guide.

DIY fishing for the catfish here at EMC is done in pairs; we do not accept single angler, unguided bookings.